Are you a victim of domestic violence or have you been charged with domestic abuse in West New York, Hudson County, New Jersey? Experienced domestic violence attorney Chirag Mehta will give you confidence that you have the very best legal representation at your side during this very difficult time.

Nobody can predict violence and the alleged victim needs to act quickly. The alleged victim only has 10 days from the time the Temporary Restraining Order is granted to the Final Restraining Order Hearing to make the protection permanent. 

Final Restraining Order Hearings are trials and you need to be prepared and a hire a lawyer immediately.  Mr. Mehta has had experience representing women in trying to obtain Final Restraining Orders and men trying to avoid restraining orders throughout the State of New Jersey. 

He will work with you, go through any discovery, and prepare for trial. If a resolution can be reached he can draw up your agreement to make sure your rights are protected.

  • Final Restraining Order Hearings
  • Civil Restraint Agreements
Domestic Violence Defense
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