Here are just a few kind words my clients have had for my legal representation of them. If you need help, contact the Law Offices of Chirag D. Mehta, LLC today!

Recently, we engaged the services of Chirag relevant to the sale of a house that our Mother lived in for close to 60 years. It could have been a traumatic experience for her. Chirag came highly recommended and proved to be completely professional. The transaction was accomplished swiftly to the satisfaction of all parties. Chirag's competency and pleasant personality lessened her trauma. We recommend Chirag to anyone requiring the services of a professional attorney.


We couldn't be more pleased with Chirag's services. He made our experience buying our first home feel very easy. Anytime my husband and I had a question or needed advice he quickly answered us even while he was on vacation in India. Chirag's attentiveness to detail really helped us through the process. He diligently followed up with our realtor and the mortgage company to make sure everything was handled appropriately, and once our offer was accepted, he made the process easy to understand and made sure everything was handled appropriately the first time. We would recommend him to anyone!


Chirag Mehta is an extremely valuable attorney. He had my DUI case dismissed, which is pretty darn hard to accomplish. I had to pay very minimal court fees as a result, and the outcome saved my career, as well as my busy lifestyle due to my license not being revoked. He is sensible, a great people person, and very practical at what he does. Clarence Darrow would be proud! Thanks a million Chirag!


Excellent young lawyer - well prepared and intelligently handled my case. Chirag was able to dismiss one of my 2 violations, avoided suspension of my license and any points.


Over a half a year ago I was charged with a fourth degree felony due to simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time as I never looked for trouble my entire life. In my case, I found myself in a situation where trouble found me. Never having worked with a criminal defense attorney, I wanted to make sure I found one of New Jerseys most reputable.

I had the opportunity to have attorney Chirag Mehta work on my case. Attorney Chirag was extremely dependable and showed up for all my court appearances on time and when he could not for good reason, which happened only once, he made sure I was in good hands with another one of his fellow attorneys. Attorney Chirag worked hard and was very knowledgeable and kept me informed throughout my case. Whenever I had a question or concern he was able to answer with confidence and provide me with reassurance.

By the end of my case Attorney Mehta was able to drop my case down from a fourth degree felony to a boro ordinance, which is an extremely huge jump! Lastly, I would definitely recommend hiring Attorney Mehta.


I interviewed many lawyers by phone. Chirag was straightforward, honest, and very knowledgeable. I chose Chirag and I'm glad I did. When the judge needed 2 weeks to look into a program for first time offenders, Chirag sent the Judge a letter detailing the program and conveying that I was a perfect candidate for the program. Thank You Chirag!
An Excellent Lawyer