When you buy a house and you have a mortgage you have signed an obligation on a note to pay off the mortgage within a certain period. What happens if you fall behind?  The lender can and will send you a letter informing you that you have failed to make payments and if you continue to do so they will start the foreclosure process.

The foreclosure process is the process by which the lender takes back the home.  The homeowner must act quickly and seek the advice of professionals as inaction only makes the process go quicker.  There are many options to consider when facing foreclosure.  You can try to obtain a loan modification, sell your home in short sale to a private seller, or give back your home voluntarily to the lender.

Any of these options require you to balance the legal process and deadlines of the foreclosure action while simultaneously trying to save your home.  Once the home is sold at a Sheriff Sale after final judgement then your options are done, and you have lost your home.

If you receive a foreclosure complaint contact the Law Offices of Chirag D. Mehta, LLC immediately to discuss all your options and have his team assist you in saving your home.

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