Real Estate Closings in New Jersey During COVID19

Can I still close on my new house during COVID-19 and social distancing? Yes, you definitely can close as I worked with both buyers and sellers during this tumultuous time.  It just takes more communication between all parties and an understanding from everyone involved. Many title companies are still working … Read More

Special Civil Cases are Never a Winner Take All

Special Civil Court in New Jersey is for monetary disputes up to $15,000.00. Often times your client either believes they owe nothing or are owed the full amount plus legal fees. The answer often lies in the middle. I represented a client in Warren County Special Civil Court for a … Read More

Landlords Always Get an Order Moving for Warrant of Removal for Future Non Payment of Rent

A landlord often just wants the tenant out and move on with looking for a new tenant. However, if the tenant is able to bring all the money owed on the complaint to court on the date of the hearing the landlord must accept and cannot move for a warrant … Read More

Vacating an Old Final Restraining Order in Morris, Essex, and Sussex Counties New Jersey

Final Restraining Orders in New Jersey are permanent and can ruin a person’s life years after the event occurred.  When a temporary restraining order is issued by a judge, the defendant has 10 (ten) days to either retain the services of a private attorney or handle the hearing themselves. Often … Read More

A Good Title Team Can Make All the Difference

When you represent the buyer in a closing, you have the choice to select your own title company to conduct all the title work and prepare the closing documents. Picking a reliable title company can mean the difference between a smooth closing with happy parties and a disaster that goes … Read More

Always Have an Agreement Ready Prior to an FRO Hearing

I have learned that you always have to be prepared to resolve a Final Restraining Hearing on the day of trial.  There are usually only 10 days between a court issuing a Temporary Restraining Order and the hearing for a Final Restraining Order. These are emotional parties that had to … Read More

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