For your consideration here are examples of just a few of the municipal and criminal court cases that have been handled successfully by Attorney Chirag Mehta.

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A client retained me after his wife filed a Temporary Restraining Order for an allegation of harassment. On the date of the Final Restraining Order hearing, the plaintiff and her lawyer were adamant that they were going for the final restraining order against my client.  My client is gainfully employed, and his work includes contracts with municipalities. A final restraining order would cost him his job and would be on his record forever preventing him from future job opportunities, possible promotions, along with travel and weapons restrictions.

I negotiated with the attorney and after several hours we reached an agreement to have the temporary restraining order dismissed.

If you or anyone you know is facing the threat of a Final Restraining Order you only have a few days to call an attorney.  Hire an experienced domestic violence attorney immediately.


My client was charged with an allegation of theft by a citizen complaint from close to 5 years ago in Wayne Municipal Court.  The plaintiff and my client had known each other, and my client was scared that his allegation would ruin her new career, life, and financial status.  The private citizen was represented by counsel and provided me with proofs on my client’s involvement in an elaborate scheme with the plaintiff.

My client vigorously denied those allegations and I had numerous conversations with counsel prior to our last court appearance. I was able to have the matter dismissed in court against my client and had her fill out the paperwork to have the arrest record immediately expunged so it would not even go on her criminal record.

If you or anyone you know is facing criminal charges in municipal or superior court you have to hire an attorney as soon as possible.


My client was an elderly man suffering from a variety of health issues and was facing a mandatory 180 days (6 months) in jail if he pleaded or was found guilty of Driving while Intoxicated. He had three previous convictions and three previous refusals.

I worked with his wife and the medical professionals and had numerous conversations with the municipal prosecutor to finally, after 6 months of hard work, have him agree to dismiss the DWI and have my client plead guilty to Refusal to Submit to the Alcotest.

The difference is huge.  Multiple convictions of the Refusal statute carry the same penalty as the DWI, but the difference is there is NO JAIL TIME!

A sentence of 180 days in the county jail without his medication would have been tragic for a man in his seventies in bad health. We saved his life and he is now getting the help he needs from his loved ones at home and through trained medical professionals.


My client is a tenant who requested a habitability hearing known as a Marini hearing due to the deplorable conditions of their rented home in Morris County. My client took careful detail to document every defect in the home and all their communications with the owner and realtor.  Once I was retained I took the added step of visiting the home and seeing the conditions for myself.

As an experienced landlord tenant attorney, I know that for a landlord to obtain a judgement of possession the property must be registered as a rental property in the town.  I did some research and found out that my client’s rental home was not registered in the township in Morris County and prepared a Motion to Dismiss.

Even though the matter was not dismissed the Superior Court Judge did commend me on my legal acumen and required that the plaintiff come back with proof the property is now registered prior to the next hearing date.


A couple of weeks ago I appeared with my client in Warren County Family Court on a Final Restraining Order (FRO) hearing.  The plaintiff was a former girlfriend who claimed harassment and listed a few incidents in her write up for the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO). My client worked at a fire station and an FRO would cost him his job and benefits.

I prepared for a trial along with drafting a civil restraint agreement.  I was confident if we went to trial I would have a good chance at success, however, as any experienced Domestic Violence attorney knows nothing is ever certain or expected in a Domestic Violence trial.  I drafted a civil restraint agreement prior to court and was able to protect my client and have the plaintiff’s attorney have his client sign off on a dismissal of the TRO without wasting any time.

Client Facing 2 indictments, 18 Felony Charges, Life in Prison Pleas to Less Than Half of the Charges, Receives Only 42 Month Mandatory Sentence 

My client was facing two separate indictments in Essex County Criminal Court stemming from having drugs and a loaded handgun in his home. New Jersey State Troopers conducted three controlled buys and went into the home with an executed search warrant.  In the home, they found packaged drugs and a loaded 9 mm handgun with a large capacity magazine.  My client was facing a first-degree charge, five second-degree charges, six third-degree charges, and five-fourth degree charges on just one of the indictments.  The other indictment was also for a second-degree offense.  If convicted on just the first-degree charge my client would be facing up to life in prison since he was extended term eligible.  After nearly one year of negotiating with the assistant prosecutor on the case, I was able to convince the assistant prosecutor and her supervisor to accept my much lower offer that my client would accept, and we resolved the matter with my client only receiving a mandatory parole ineligibility term of 42 months.   If you or your family member or friend is facing felony drug or gun charges call the Law Offices of Chirag D. Mehta, LLC. and schedule a free consultation.

Client with 2 Separate State Loans Closes Only One Week after Scheduled Closing Date

A young couple was about to buy their first house in Morris County and needed some additional funds and went to the State of New Jersey for assistance.  They were able to qualify for two State of New Jersey funding programs for new homeowners that allows them to received equity in the home in five years with a few restrictions. The program takes over 60 days to get approval. My young clients were adamant about closing in mid-May, however, the State clearance took longer than expected due to staff shortages and the Seller’s attorney was getting impatient and about to cancel the contract. I was diligently on the phone with the closing company, the buyer’s agent, my client’s, and the seller’s attorney to inform and update all parties on the status and have all the paperwork required for closing to be ready once we received approval.  The closing agent and I worked with the State to get them to expedite the review and the day after we received clearance we were able to close with all the paperwork already prepared to be signed at closing.  If you want to buy or sell your home call the Law Offices of Chirag D. Mehta, LLC and schedule a consultation and have a skilled attorney guide you smoothly through this stressful process from contract to close.

Client gets drug charges and motor vehicle charges dismissed and only pleads to Wandering in Montclair Municipal Court

My client was facing three separate drug charges and a motor vehicle charge of open container from a motor vehicle stop in Montclair.  After appearing on the case numerous times, I was able to convince the municipal prosecutor to only have my client plead to a minor amended offense of Wandering in violation of N.J.S.A 2C: 33-2.1 and pay only a fine of less than $500.00 with no jail time and no driver’s license suspension.  If you or someone you know if facing criminal or traffic charges in municipal court in New Jersey call the Law Offices of Chirag D. Mehta, LLC. for a free consultation.

9 Motor Vehicle Points to 0 With a Fine Under $150.00!

On April 11, 2018, I appeared in Newark Municipal Court with my client facing 9 (nine) points and a certain loss of license. My client explained to me that he was confused due to a change in the traffic pattern and just sped by to avoid the chaos.

I spoke to the municipal prosecutor and was able to work out a resolution that eliminated all my client’s points in exchange to a plea to driving on a closed roadway, a zero point ticket, and a fine of $139.00.

My client was ecstatic to avoid all the points and pay only $139.00.

Real Estate Closing Contract Amended to LLC

This month, I had a client who had a real estate contract to purchase a new construction and suddenly wanted to have the contract amended to have the purchaser be an LLC rather an individual. My client wanted to use the unit as a rental unit and take advantage of the tax benefits of the LLC.

Therefore, I contacted the Seller immediately and helped the client form the LLC and I acted as the registered agent for the newly formed LLC.

The client was able to sign a few simple addendums and I was able to have all the parties on the same page prior to the closing on April 20, 2018.

The client was very happy with the smooth process and was able to purchase the home under the name of the LLC, with the LLC as the owner on the deed, and on the accompanying survey.

Reduced Client NJMVC Suspension by Over 90%

A client contacted my office after receiving a letter indicating that the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission was going to suspend his license for 180 days.  I quickly sent a letter to the Motor Vehicle Commission to demand a hearing, stay the pending suspension, and request a hearing in Paterson rather than Trenton.

The hearing was granted to be heard in Paterson saving my client from losing a full day’s pay.  At the hearing, I convinced the state representative that my client needed his license for a myriad of reasons and illustrated how he has taken steps to curtail his previous bad habits.

My client received only a 15 days suspension which was over a 90% reduction from the original suspension.  He was elated and this reduction saved his job and allowed to continue to provide for his family.