Vacating an Old Final Restraining Order in Morris, Essex, and Sussex Counties New Jersey

Final Restraining Orders in New Jersey are permanent and can ruin a person’s life years after the event occurred.  When a temporary restraining order is issued by a judge, the defendant has 10 (ten) days to either retain the services of a private attorney or handle the hearing themselves.

Often times, there is an accompanying criminal charge that is handled in municipal court.  It is very common for people to minimize the importance of a Final Restraining Order because it does not go on your criminal history and if the relationship is over a person may think what’s the difference or it will just expire after a period of time.

A Final Restraining Order in New Jersey never expires and can only be removed by motion. A Final Restraining Order is there for your life and will impact where you can travel, the jobs you can obtain, and if you ever plan on obtaining specific licenses or permits.

You never know when this will impact your life so don’t act too late. Hire an experienced attorney who has filed these motions successfully before the New Jersey Superior Court.  I have successfully used the Carfagno factors and removed decades old final restraining orders and changed the person’s life forever.

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