TRO Dismissed

The importance of seeking representation when defending a TRO cannot be overstated.  When a TRO is issued an FRO (Final Restraining Order) date is scheduled 10 days after.

This does not give the defendant much time, but he or she should use that time and select an experienced attorney that can have you focus on what is important, go through the various options, and be ready for trial without much notice.

Sometimes going with an attorney can have your matter dismissed without going through the risks of a trial. I appeared in Union County and when the alleged victim saw the defendant with counsel she opted to dismiss the TRO rather than go forward.

The image that you have taken the matter seriously by retaining counsel and have an attorney that is prepared for trial can many times prevent the need for a trial.  The Law Office of Chirag D. Mehta, LLC has experience representing and defending parties in FRO hearing throughout New Jersey.