The Naturalization Process May Be Streamlined, But …….

The Naturalization process may be streamlined, but it is no walk in the park.

The naturalization process starts with the filing of the N-400 a 20-page application, then a biometrics appointment which includes a criminal background and security check on the applicant, an interview by USCIS which includes a U.S. history and government exam.

In New Jersey the applicant is informed at the conclusion of the interview whether his or her application for naturalization is being recommended for approval.

Though it may sound like a simple three step process, it is far from 1-2-3.  For instance, even a single trip outside the United States for six months or more will trigger scrutiny and the applicant will now have the burden of proof of establishing the he or she maintained his or her residence and domicile in the United States despite not being present as per INA §316.

Also, applicants need to be aware that when he or she appears for the interview, the Immigration Service Officer will have the applicants whole file with them indicating any previous encounters with immigration service officials, any false or misleading information, or any possible instances of fraudulent documentation either with an immigration officer or any government official including local law enforcement.

If you or someone you know is seeking to become a United States citizen through the naturalization process have them contact the Law Offices of Chirag D. Mehta, LLC to get a thorough explanation of the process and their specific case so they can appear at the interview with confidence that it will be a success.