Vacating an Old Final Restraining Order in Morris, Essex, and Sussex Counties New Jersey

Final Restraining Orders in New Jersey are permanent and can ruin a person’s life years after the event occurred.  When a temporary restraining order is issued by a judge, the defendant has 10 (ten) days to either retain the services of a private attorney or handle the hearing themselves. Often … Read More

Always Have an Agreement Ready Prior to an FRO Hearing

I have learned that you always have to be prepared to resolve a Final Restraining Hearing on the day of trial.  There are usually only 10 days between a court issuing a Temporary Restraining Order and the hearing for a Final Restraining Order. These are emotional parties that had to … Read More

Educating the Community

On Thursday June 22, 2017 I had an amazing opportunity to be on TV5 and ManaTV a Telegu (South Indian) television station, to broadly discuss a variety of legal issues affecting the Indian community in the United States.   It has been an honor to work alongside Ms. Laxmi Devineni … Read More