A Good Title Team Can Make All the Difference

When you represent the buyer in a closing, you have the choice to select your own title company to conduct all the title work and prepare the closing documents. Picking a reliable title company can mean the difference between a smooth closing with happy parties and a disaster that goes … Read More

Real Estate Taxes – Who Pays Them and When?

At the time of closing, most often, the issue of real estate taxes causes confusion and frustration for both parties.  Real estate taxes are pro-rated so both parties only pay their portion of taxes owed for the time they own the property. Since taxes are paid on a quarterly basis … Read More

Property Taxes Pro-Rated at Residential Real Estate Closings

As everyone knows New Jersey has the highest property taxes in the United States and therefore property taxes are a big part of residential real estate closings. Taxes are paid quarterly and therefore real estate taxes are pro-rated at the time of closing so both parties only pay for the … Read More