Real Estate Closings in New Jersey During COVID19

Can I still close on my new house during COVID-19 and social distancing? Yes, you definitely can close as I worked with both buyers and sellers during this tumultuous time.  It just takes more communication between all parties and an understanding from everyone involved. Many title companies are still working … Read More

Property Taxes Pro-Rated at Residential Real Estate Closings

As everyone knows New Jersey has the highest property taxes in the United States and therefore property taxes are a big part of residential real estate closings. Taxes are paid quarterly and therefore real estate taxes are pro-rated at the time of closing so both parties only pay for the … Read More

Gun Charge Dismissed on First Appearance in Union County

Last week, I represented a client charged with a second-degree possession of a unlawful weapon, a handgun, possession of a magazine clip, possession of marijuana under 50 grams and a slew of motor vehicle charges.  Any gun charge in New Jersey faces a mandatory jail sentence even if there are … Read More

AK-47 AR-15 Gun Bust During Newark Raid

A loaded AK-47, a semi-automatic, an AR-15, a revolver, two additional handguns, and a 50-round capacity gun magazine were found during a Newark raid on the 100 block of First Street in Newark, New Jersey. The Newark Police Public Safety Director states “It is utterly pathetic how these guns make … Read More

DWI Checkpoints Increasing All Across New Jersey

As we enter the Spring (It should come eventually!) everyone travels more and as more and more people hit the roadways of New Jersey expect to see more DWI checkpoints. DWI Checkpoints have been increasingly popular in the Garden State to stop suspected drunk motorists without requiring the requisite probable … Read More

Inspiring Youth to Determine Their Future

On Friday May 26, 2017, I was part of a panel discussion for Career Day at the Great Oaks Legacy Charter School in Newark, New Jersey. The panel included speakers from a variety of different professions to speak to an audience full of students about not only what they do, … Read More

Charged With an Indictable Offense in NJ? Retain Counsel As Soon As Possible!

The Supreme Court of New Jersey adopts a rule making it more imperative that criminal defendants retain counsel as soon as possible. The Supreme Court of New Jersey adopted amendments to Rule 3:4-2(c) making it even more important for individuals charged with indictable offenses in the Superior Courts of New … Read More

The Naturalization Process May Be Streamlined, But …….

The Naturalization process may be streamlined, but it is no walk in the park. The naturalization process starts with the filing of the N-400 a 20-page application, then a biometrics appointment which includes a criminal background and security check on the applicant, an interview by USCIS which includes a U.S. … Read More

Governor Christie Reduces Eligibility Time Required For An Expungement

Governor Christie reduces eligibility time required for an expungement effective April 18, 2016 which allows many more immigrants to expunge minor offenses but ……. beware the difference between an expungement for criminal purposes and an expungement for immigration purposes. The new law amends N.J.S.A. 2C:52-3 by providing an “early pathways” … Read More