Special Civil Cases are Never a Winner Take All

Special Civil Court in New Jersey is for monetary disputes up to $15,000.00. Often times your client either believes they owe nothing or are owed the full amount plus legal fees. The answer often lies in the middle.

I represented a client in Warren County Special Civil Court for a claim where my clients were sued for close to $13,000 for non-payment of rent and damages to the rental home.

I immediately counter-sued for repairs my client performed on the property and my clients were adamant that they did not owe any money and actually saved the plaintiff’s money by performing many of the home repairs themselves.  The plaintiff’s were represented by counsel and demanded the full amount.

Special Civil cases always go to a mediator and we were able to communicate our issues with the mediator. I settled the matter saving my clients another court appearance for trial, added stress, potentially thousands of dollars, and increased legal fees.

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