President Trump’s Second Attempt at a Travel Ban is Struck Down, But …….

Will the third time be the charm for the President?

On March 6, 2017, the White House announced a revised travel ban with hopes to clear some of the confusion and broadness that led to the first travel ban being struck down earlier this year. The White House even instituted a ten day waiting period and included language that the travel ban did not include green card holders and people that already had valid visas to enter the United States.

On the eve of the travel ban going into effect, U.S. judges in Hawaii and Maryland halted the ban and ruled it unconstitutional stating the ban discriminated against Muslims since six majority Muslim countries were specifically singled out in the ban.

Both judge’s decisions were highly controversial as they highlighted President Trump’s words on the campaign trail about a possible travel ban as reasons for their ruling.

These decisions will undoubtedly be appealed and it would not surprise me if a third iteration of the travel ban will be announced soon by the White House.


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