Paying Rent During COVID19

Do I still have to pay my rent by the 5th of the month if I have been affected by COVID-19?

As we all know the COVID-19 virus has taken a devastating toll on this country and especially New Jersey.  Governor Murphy has issued a two month delay on eviction proceedings in the State of New Jersey.

This means that a landlord cannot evict a tenant during this moratorium as courts are closed sheriff’s officers will not serve lockout paperwork.

Many tenants are wondering if they should still pay the rent, if they can or should landlords even ask for the rent.  I advise all of my current landlords to have a conversation with their clients and see if they can work out some payment arrangement for a portion of the rent and possibly spread the difference toward the later months of the year.

If you are a tenant, speak to your landlord immediately if you cannot pay your full rent, because even though you may not be evicted a landlord can still file eviction paperwork against you and that will be in the pipeline when the courts resume.

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