Lack Of A DRE Expert Can Get Your DWI Dismissed

I appeared in a local municipal court and was able to have a DWI dismissed with my client pleading to a lesser traffic ticket with a minimal suspension.

The case arose out a motor vehicle accident and my client was charged with criminal charges as well as DWI and other motor vehicle summonses. The criminal charges were dismissed on the Superior Court level which left the motor vehicle summonses and the DWI back in Municipal Court.

The State was unable to prove my client was under the influence of any narcotic and a DRE was not present at the scene and the State had to dismiss the DWI charge.

Therefore, my client avoided the harsh penalties of a DWI and accepted a plea to a much lesser motor vehicle charge with a minimal suspension.  Call the Law Offices of Chirag D. Mehta, LLC to further discuss your DWI matter and all your possible options and defenses.