Inspiring Youth to Determine Their Future

On Friday May 26, 2017, I was part of a panel discussion for Career Day at the Great Oaks Legacy Charter School in Newark, New Jersey.

The panel included speakers from a variety of different professions to speak to an audience full of students about not only what they do, but how they got to their position, and what advice they would give young people about entering their profession.

I was honored to speak as the only private attorney on the panel.  I described my path to the legal profession and told the students to keep an open mind about talking with everyone you meet.  To always try to understand the opposite position as most times it will better allow you to formulate your client’s position better and anticipate weaknesses.  

Inspired Kids

The founder of the charter school spoke about reaching potential and not letting your circumstances dictate where you will go in life.

I could see from the students’ enthusiasm and questions that they were driven, focused, and hopeful for a brighter future.  I was thankful to be a part of the panel and look forward to speaking again next year.