Immigration and Domestic Violence

Last Fall of last I appeared on a case in a Bergen County municipal court where my client was accused of an assault on his wife.

I met with my client several times and when we went to court the prosecutor held the case in abeyance for 6 months for my client to attend counseling and go through the holiday season.

I let the prosecutor know that my client’s employer would be seeing a change of status soon and if this case is still pending his immigration petition could be denied.  I sent a request to the court to prepone the date saving my client 3 months of waiting.

Always, consider your client’s immigration status as an open matter will show up on a criminal background check and may prevent the next step or lead to a denial.

Remember to always consider your client’s employment/immigration status in properly representing your client’s best interests.

Call the Law Offices of Chirag D. Mehta, LLC to see if possible municipal court convictions could affect your pending or current immigration status.