Educating the Community

On Thursday June 22, 2017 I had an amazing opportunity to be on TV5 and ManaTV a Telegu (South Indian) television station, to broadly discuss a variety of legal issues affecting the Indian community in the United States.  

It has been an honor to work alongside Ms. Laxmi Devineni the Regional Coordinator of the Telegu Association of North America Inc., a non-profit organization that helps the South Indian community with a wide variety of issues.

As a practicing attorney for over ten years I have unfortunately seen many cases of people in the Indian community fall victim to the same issues and demons as their neighbors and friends here in the United States, however, how they handle it was dramatically different.  

Issues with alcohol, drugs, criminal charges, or domestic violence are often hidden and families suffer alone and often find themselves vulnerable to unscrupulous people giving false advice and hopes.  

Through, Ms. Devineni’s help I have had the opportunity to meet with, educate, and at times represent a few of them on some of these issues.

Last week on TV5 and ManaTV I was able to discuss broadly the New Jersey Superior and Municipal Courts and what cases are handled in which court, a general overview of domestic violence and how a woman can get a temporary and final restraining order, and how the community needs to be more proactive when it senses an issue and ask for help.

I look forward to more opportunities to talk about an array of topics that touch the community and the experience of being in front of a TV monitor was fabulous as well.