DWI Dismissed With an Assault by Auto on The Town Fire Chief

I appeared in court on a DWI this week where the defendant was charged a few traffic violations along with assault because his vehicle stuck the vehicle of the town fire chief causing injuries to the vehicle and the fire chief.

I represented this same client several years ago for a matter in Jersey City Municipal Court and his mother and sister contacted me soon after their initial court date.  I worked tirelessly with the family to make sure we fought this DWI and Assault as my client had a stellar driving record and had the loving support of his family.

On the first appearance with the client, the prosecutor would not budge from a guilty plea on the DWI especially because the fire chief was injured as a result of the defendant’s actions.

I requested the family to provide all the defendant’s medical records and provided the relevant one’s to the prosecutor and included a heartfelt explanation from me about the defendant’s circumstances.

At the next court date, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the DWI and plead him to one of the minor tickets with a short suspension.

It shows that even in a tough court where nobody gets deals, if you put the effort and work with your client and their family you can achieve a great result.

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