DWI Checkpoints Increasing All Across New Jersey

As we enter the Spring (It should come eventually!) everyone travels more and as more and more people hit the roadways of New Jersey expect to see more DWI checkpoints.

DWI Checkpoints have been increasingly popular in the Garden State to stop suspected drunk motorists without requiring the requisite probable cause.  Many towns throughout the State have gotten increased funding to set up these DWI checkpoints throughout their town.

Just because you have been charged with a DWI and other traffic offenses after going through a DWI checkpoint does not mean you are guilty.  You can still argue all the defenses of a regular DWI charge.

In addition, DWI checkpoints have to set up a certain way and the tests conducted must be rigorously scrutinized as instructions can be rushed and steps can be missed by officers.

If you have been charged with DWI while driving though a checkpoint in New Jersey call the Law Offices of Chirag D. Mehta, LLC to speak to an attorney and evaluate all the possible defenses you may have.