DNA Samples and Disorderly Persons Offenses

Clients will need to provide DNA samples if found guilty of certain Disorderly Persons offenses.

The Administrative Director of the Court recently enacted legislation requiring defendants found guilty of certain offenses to provide DNA samples.

Moreover, the municipal court judge must check the defendant’s criminal history prior to entering of the guilty plea to determine if a DNA sample is already in the system.

The following offenses now require a DNA sample collection in municipal court at the time of conviction.

2C: 12-1A(1) Domestic Violence / Simple Assault / Knowingly causing bodily injury

2C:12-1A(2) Domestic Violence / Simple Assault / Negligently causing bodily injury with a deadly weapon

2C: 12-1A(3) Domestic Violence / Simple Assault / Threat of SBI by physical menace

2C: 29-9B(2) Contempt – Violate Domestic Violence

2C:33-2.1B Wandering to obtain CDS

2C:34-1B(1) Prostitution –Engage as Patron

2C:34-1B(8) Prostitution – offer sex in exchange for Econo VA

2C:35-10B CDS under influence w/o presecription

2C:35-10C Possession of CDS fails to give CDS to police

2C:35-10.4B(1) Toxic chemical-inhale to cause intoxication

2C:35-10.4B(2) Toxic chemical-possess for purp of intoxication

2C:35-10.5A(1) Pres/legend drugs distribute 4 or fewer doses

2C:35-10.5B Pres/legend drugs use w/o lawful script

2C:35-10.5E(1) Pres/legend drugs poss w/o a script less equal to or less than 4 doses

2C:35-24 Possession of prescription drugs in original container

2C:35-25A Sales restrictions for ephedrine products

2C:12-1C(1) Assault by Auto (other than serious bodily injury)

2C:36-2  Use / Possession w / intent to use drug paraphernalia

2C:36:6A Possession / Sell Hypodermic Syringe for use with CDS

2C: 36-6.2c Sale of Hypodermic Syringe after lawfully purchasing it.

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