AK-47 AR-15 Gun Bust During Newark Raid

A loaded AK-47, a semi-automatic, an AR-15, a revolver, two additional handguns, and a 50-round capacity gun magazine were found during a Newark raid on the 100 block of First Street in Newark, New Jersey.

The Newark Police Public Safety Director states “It is utterly pathetic how these guns make it to our inner cities.”

Most if not all the guns seized from many of these raids come from states with loose gun laws that allow guns to be transported to the Northeast and used in violent crime often in poorer urban areas.

At this current time the investigation in this case is still ongoing and when caught the defendant will be charged with several indictable crimes including Possession of a Weapon, Possession for an Unlawful Purpose, Gun Ammunition, and Possession of a Large Capacity Magazine.

If the person was previously a convicted felon for certain other crimes a 2nd degree charge of Convicted Felon will surely follow with an additional indictment.

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