For your consideration here are examples of just a few of the municipal and criminal court cases that have been handled successfully by Attorney Chirag Mehta.

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Reduced Client NJMVC Suspension by Over 90%

A client contacted my office after receiving a letter indicating that the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission was going to suspend his license for 180 days.  I quickly sent a letter to the Motor Vehicle Commission to demand a hearing, stay the pending suspension, and request a hearing in Paterson rather than Trenton.

The hearing was granted to be heard in Paterson saving my client from losing a full day’s pay.  At the hearing, I convinced the state representative that my client needed his license for a myriad of reasons and illustrated how he has taken steps to curtail his previous bad habits.

My client received only a 15 days suspension which was over a 90% reduction from the original suspension.  He was elated and this reduction saved his job and allowed to continue to provide for his family.